Top Weight Gain Supplements for Dogs

People were asking us to write about the top and the best weight gain supplement for dogs. That’s why has decided to share a comprehensive and detailed guide about the best weight gain supplements for dogs and puppies. We have also published the guides to the best supplement for muscle growth and good supplements for dog shedding. I am sure that you will find all of our guides useful. Anyway, let’s discuss our main topic that is about the best dog supplements for weight gain.

Many of the dogs out there have a problem of not eating the food you get them. This is a common problem amongst pet parents that they are mostly struggling daily that their pets run away from the food or even their favorite snacks. In this case, if your dog does not want to eat the food you put in front of them and they are underweight, then what should you do?

For this specific reason, there are particular weight gaining supplements. Of course, the older pets or dogs need more gain to activate their muscle mass, or the mother dogs have to produce milk for their children’s pets. Therefore, you need some excellent weight gaining supplements that can fulfill their muscle needs.

Luckily, we are here for you, and you have come to a reasonable place. In this article, we will discuss the weight gain supplements for dog and then provide you with some of the best in the market that can help you companion gain more weight and fulfill its energy needs.

1- Bully Max Dog Weight Supplements:

The first on the list if Bully Max Dog weight supplements; this can provide your dog with vitamins, proteins, and even minerals. Hence, it will result in dogs gaining more muscle, enhanced immune system, and more health. It is also said that it will help the dog to recover more rapidly after exercises more healthily and naturally.

Coming to the point that what it is made of, this supplement is made of dicalcium phosphate, de-moisturized whey, and mycoprotein. This is not it; it is made up of many nutrients that are required by your dog and will work perfectly for the dog of any size or age. The critical thing to remember here is that it is not made of chemicals or unnatural materials. Instead, it is made up of natural material that can be used by senior puppies or even adult dogs over the ager of seven weeks.

Key features:

  • Totally natural and healthy
  • Helps the dog in increased strength, improved health, more muscle growth and even increased Immunity
  • Includes minerals, essential nutrients, and vitamins
  • The product has been approved for all types of breed and age, which are older than seven weeks.


Brand name: Bully Max

Model: 69846

Weight of product: 7.5 ounces

2- Lambert Kay High-Calorie Dog Supplement:

With this product, you can simply fulfill the calorie needs of your companion. It can also help your dog in fulfilling the liquid nutrients needs. This product has Dyne, which is actually a supplement with high-calorie ratio, but to feed it, you must use a dropper, or even you can add this to the food of your dog, it can also be supplied with water. So, it means that Lambert’s high kay supplement can provide your dog with weight gain and then increases the stamina of your friend.

It is super beneficial for the dog nurses, even puppies, or the dogs that do exercises like the performance dogs. When it comes to supplement taking, your dog of any age can take it without any adverse effects. When it comes to the dog liking this product, your dog will definitely like this because of its vanilla flavor.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the form of liquid, fat richness.
  • Great for weight gain and stress recovery.
  • Constains the important vitamins and some important minerals.
  • Basically, for puppies and even dogs.


Brand name: Lambert Kay

Model: 20511

Weight of product: 2.25 pounds

3- MVP K9 Supplements Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs:

The best thing about this product is that it is delicious and loved by dogs. It is also effortless to feed to dogs and has effectiveness. But the specific purpose of this product is to help the underweights dogs gain some weight easily. This product has proteins and rich fats. Other than that, it also has a high-calorie ratio, which is great for larger or adults’ dogs or even senior puppies.

When comparing it with the supplement powder for human muscle gain, it is much similar because it is basically very simple to use. To use this, you need just to use it in the food of dogs or use it in even water, and then that’s it. There are 26 percent proteins and 56 percent fats inside this supplement. Not only for fat gain but also good for the physical state of dog or even skin or fur.

Key features:

  • Powdered form, rich in proteins and fats.
  • Helps the dog in weight gaining, improves the fur or even skin of the dog and increases immunity
  • Has vitamins and essential minerals
  • Good for puppies, senior dogs, or adults.


Brand name: MVP K9 Supplements

Weight of product: 1.26 pounds

4- Tomlyn Dog Weight Gain Supplements:

This is a gel-type supplement that is best in case your dog a sugar lover and doesn’t eat anything without sugar, then, in this case, to make your dog regain his or her strength you can simply use this gel which is filled with vitamins and essentials minerals that are high in fat and will help your dog weight gain easily and smoothly.

This is a gel that is specifically made for the canines to get more weight and become more energetic in a healthy way, which cannot harm your dog. Your dog will easily eat this gel without any problem because of its taste, which they cannot resist. There is a tube-like construction which makes it fairly easy to make the dog eat.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the shape of gel.
  • Best known for weight gaining and also improvement of skin.
  • Enriched with minerals and vitamins
  • Best for senior dogs and even adults.


Brand name: Tomlyn

Model of the product: 6771

Weight of product:  4 ounces

5- Gorilla Max Dog Weight Gain Supplement:

Supplements are mainly for the underweight dogs, but in case your dog is not only underweight but also has problems like sickness and fatigue all the time, then this is the perfect muscle gain supplement. It comes with proteins and essential vitamins that will help your dog gain weight quickly and also increases the strength and health of the dog.

Coming towards the proteins and vitamins. There are 70 percent proteins inside the supplement, which there are more than 21 vitamins combined with essentials minerals, which will increase the immunity system of the dog and also increases the performance of the dog. Not only for adult dogs but also puppies, this supplement has colostrum inside, which is specifically made for canines. On a whole level, this is a very natural and non-harmful ingredient made supplement.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the form of a powder having rich proteins
  • Great for dogs which need to build muscles and improve the digestive system
  • There are more than 27 vitamins combined with minerals
  • Best for adult dogs, puppies, and even senior dogs.


Brand name: Gorilla Max

Weight of product: 13.6 ounces

6- Muscle Bully Dog Weight Gain Supplement:

Vita Bully is a great choice for dogs that have a picky attitude towards food, and if your dog is of those kinds, then there is no need to worry because this supplement is made specifically for that purpose. Dogs that have a picky attitude towards their food miss essential nutrients, which has a bad effect on their health on longer terms. But this supplement will fulfill their nutrients in a tasty manner.

This is a tablet type supplement that has rich nutrients and even vitamins that are essential for dogs. On number side, there roughly 34 total vitamins lie B group, D, E, A and even calcium, iron, zinc, and magnesium with much more, which will surely make your dog more healthy, active, big, and also improved the overall physical health of the dog. Best known for their work towards the bully dog breed.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the form of tablets that are rich in minerals and builds amino acids.
  • There are a total of 34 number of nutrients
  • It helps the dog in building muscles and strengthens the bones.
  • Best known for Bully dog breeds and all ages of this breed.


Brand name: Muscle Bully

Weight of product: 4 ounces

7- Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer for Dogs:

In case you want an all-natural liquid supplement that can help your underweight dog gain weight quickly and easily, then this is a perfect choice. This is the best one for nursing mothers, rescue dogs, or even sickly pups.

Miracle Vet High is a supplement that is rich with fats, which is best in case your dog needs quick weight gain. The quality of nutrients is also checked, which will provide your dog with more energy, increasing the appetite, and even the stamina of the dog is increased. This will help your dog in increasing the weight, improve the quality of the skin, and- even the fur of dogs. You can use this supplement on dogs that are over four weeks of age.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the form of liquid, which is high in fat ratio.
  • Has a great number of nutrients and essential vitamins
  • It helps in weight gain, skin improvement, fur, and even increases the energy of dogs.
  • Best known for adult dogs, seniors, or even over four weeks of age.


Brand name: Miracle Vet

Weight of product: 1.1 Pounds

8- Buddy and Lola Weight Gainer for Dogs:

Buddy and Lola Weight gaining supplement will help your dog in his or her health and increases the daily intake of calories. There are proteins, fats, and sore rich nutrients that will help your dog in weight gain and will increase the quality of the skin. Best known for dogs, which are picky eaters and can even be fed to puppies.

The amount of proteins in this supplement is 29 percent, and the number of fats is 43 percent, which will not only help your dog in weight gain but will also help your dog gain muscles fast. This supplement has a unique taste of maple bacon, which has a larger amount of amino acids and also fibers, which help the dog in digestion. It is an all-around balanced and good quality product present in powdered form.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the form of powder which contains rich fats and even proteins.
  • Help in the weight gain, improvement of coat or fur, and even muscle development of the dog.
  • Best known for adult dogs, senior dogs, or even puppies.


Brand name: Buddy and Lola

Weight of product: 1.4 pounds.

9- Bully Max Weight Gain supplement for Dogs:

In the list of dog supplements, this one is not even a supplement, but instead, it is a dog food that deserves to be placed in the list due to its high intake of nutritions and perfect proteins that are best for underweight dogs. This one can be combined with supplements to enhance the effect furthermore. This here is a dried food for dogs that if ideally known for scrawny dogs, pets that are low on energy, and even sickly. Furthermore, it is can also be known for pets that work or even performing canines.

The amount of proteins in this product is 30 percent, while the amount of fats in this product is 20 percent. Coming towards the calories, there is an enormous number of calories, like four thousand in a single cup. There are also many essential nutrients and chicken meals with fish meal and bran rice, which are present inside the product. All in one, this is the best food for weight gain and improving the overall health of the dog, which can be combined with supplements for dogs to enhance the effect.

Key features:

  • Food for dogs in dried form which has essential proteins and good fats.
  • It has nutritious ingredients and has essential vitamins combined with minerals.
  • Best known for gaining weight and improving overall health.
  • All-natural.
  • For all dog breeds, which are larger than four weeks.


Brand name: Bully Max

Model of the product: FBA_30/20

Weight of product: 15 pounds.

10- Vetoquinol Nutritional Gel Supplement for Dogs:

Here is another gel supplement for dogs, which is a tasty one that your dog will easily take and has a rich calorie intake. This is a gel that is specifically best known for pets that are aging and can even be taken by cats. For underweight dogs, puppies, and picky eating dogs, this is a supplement that can provide them all the basic fats, vitamins, and even minerals.

There are also organic acids present with all the vitamins, minerals, and fats, which can help your dog is gaining weight and increasing his or her energy. In a tube-like construction, you can easily make your dog east this tasty gel.

Key features:

  • Supplement in the form of a gel which contains fats.
  • It has a large number of vitamins and essential minerals.
  • It helps the dog in weight gain and also boosts the energy of the dog.
  • Best known for adult dogs and even puppies of senior dogs.


Brand name: Vetoquinol

Model of the product: 200109

Weight of Product: 4.8 ounces

Best Dog Weight Gain Supplements:

In a world full of overweight people, there are also some who are underweight. The world of dogs is not much different here because dogs are usually underweight because they cannot eat their food properly. They cant chew neither have an appetite. There can be various reasons behind them being underweight or not eating food properly. It is best that you go in search of that specific reason.

For this specific reason, dog supplements are made, but it is very difficult to make your dog gain weight if you tend to follow the advice from your doctor or vet. Due to this, dog supplements can help your dog gain weight or mass in a very healthy and natural way. It can provide your dog with strength and even energize him/her. But there are many weight gains supplements of different ingredients; in this case, how can you find the perfect one? Here we will discuss the different ways which can help your dog gain weight if he or she is underweight.


How to Tell if your dog is underweight:

The safest way is to take your lovely fellow to vet or animal doctor, which can tell you precisely if your dog is underweight or not. In case you cannot take your dog to a vet, then carry on with the article below.

Here is a body condition score test that can identify you if your dog has less weight or not.

  • Underweight:

In this case, you can easily feel the dog ribs. The top lumber vertebrae or the pelvic bones start to appear on dogs. The fat seems reduced, and the dog has low energy, and the dog even goes into depression, which results in a thinner coat or fur and sensitive gums.

  • Healthy:

You can feel the ribs, but in a healthy case, you cannot see them clearly. Waist can also be seen, and there is no extra or reduced-fat.

  • Overweight:

If your dog has increased weight, then there are no ribs visible on them. There are excessive fats over the lumber and waist area of the dog body.

To still make sure that your dog is overweight, you can basically touch the dog on his ribs and feel them. There is a thinner side of the dog, and if he is not thin on these sides, then this means he/she is overweight.

Reasons your dog may need to gain weight:

In the case of underweight dogs, there is decreased immunity and has a weaker system as compared to healthy dogs. This results in them being low on energy. There is a dual-layer of muscles and then a thinner layer of fat on them. In underweight dogs, there are chances of bone breakage, issues in joints, and even injuries, which result in bone problems. On a mass level, your dog can even lose his/her teeth.

Physical aside, there are many mental problems, too, like stress and mental depression. The mood of the dog is also not good for underweight problems, and his stress level is also increasing, which affects hormones and can cause a dopamine decrease.

Hence, it is a must for nursing mothers, adults, or even puppies to be on a normal weight limit because all of these problems are not good for them and can cause death.

How to Help your dog gain Weight:

Whether you have an adult dog in your home, a small puppy, or even a nursing mother who doesn’t have a good appetite, then they need nutrition, proteins, and fats that are present in supplements. But is always not advisable to go for the weight gain supplements, you should also go for;

  • Regular Feeding Schedule:

It is a must to create a feeding habit for your lovely dog in he or she is underweight. For normal dogs, it is advised to eat two times, but if your dog is underweight, then you can easily teach him the ways of eating three times a day, but making it four times a day is the perfect routine. You can simply go for the 3-time meal and then a snack time, which is also the best practice. If your dog doesn’t like eating the meal first time, then you can add some delicious stuff on tops like fist oil, topper, or something that he/she likes. You can also go for stuff that has a higher intake of calories.

  • Frequent Snacks:

Speaking of underweight, the problem with dogs is that they don’t eat stuff and have less appetite. In this -case, you need more snacks. Treating them with snacks often can increase their intake routine and appetite. Get them some delicious human food you eat yourself, cooked eggs with salt and even fish, etc. You can also combine it with some weight gain supplements to enhance the effects greatly.

  • Regular Exercise:

Many people ask the question, what is the point of exercising if you do have to gain weight? This question is wrong because when the dog does exercises and sets up a routine of doing exercises, then he starts eating more than usual and gets a healthy habit of sleeping comfortably. All of this, as a result, makes the dog gain weight in a very simple and healthy manner. A little walk daily can be a great startup.

Best Dog Weight Gain Supplements FAQ:

Q: What are dog weight gainers?

These are the source of minerals, vitamins, and calories combined with other nutrition’s which can help animals in gaining points easily, recovering quickly, being more energized, and lastly, being healthier.

But specifically, they are most useful in terms of canines that are underweight due to the depression, stress, or even some kind of illness because they come with proteins, fats, and rich nutrients that will help you out in dog health restoration much easily and more quickly. Puppy weight gain becomes much easy too, in case you feed both the mother and pup with these supplements.

Q: How often should I give my dog weight gain supplements?

All of this depends mainly on the weight and health of the dog. If the dog is very thin, you should get a vet checkup. The doctor will be the best way to learn about dog thinness or if the dog is at risk of disease and health issues.

On the intake side, you can feed your dog supplements daily or even 2 or 3 times a single day, but it all depends mainly on your choice or the state of your dog. Weight gain supplements are very tasty and made specifically for picky dogs who don’t eat the food without flavor. There are many supplements in the market in different forms; you should choose the one that fits best with your dog. There are tablets, powder, liquid, and even gel that will suit your dig eating style.

Q: Can I Give My Dog whey protein?

In case your dog needs more body and muscle or even, so the amount of proteins in dog food is less, then you can feed them whey proteins. Because these proteins contain all the amino acids and essential proteins which are good for humans, so why not dogs? Well, if the dog doesn’t go well with the proteins from supplements, then it is not advised for canines.

In case your dog took weight gaining supplements, then giving them a few whey proteins cannot do any harm. But still, there are some proteins in the supplements that provide a lot of fats and vitamins combined with minerals that cannot be absorbed by dogs. That is why you should feed them only the canines dog weight gain supplements with a higher quantity.

Q: Can Exercise help my dog gain weight?

Regular exercises are not so useful in dog weight gain, but still, it is essential to keep them healthy. But generally speaking, physical exercises can increase the appetite of the dog, which is a must for weight gain. But in case your dog doesn’t go out often, then there is no need to start running in the park. The best practice would be to start slowly and then gradually increase the routine and then introduce newer exercises. There are also games likes swimming, regular walks or even running that can be useful in dog gaining weight.

Our Top Pick:

Out of all these supplements, finding the best one is a much difficult task than finding and compiling them. Mostly now a day’s brands and manufacturers are being forced to make overweight supplements rather than underweight supplements that mainly does the opposite. In the market, there are still few manufacturers that go for underweight supplements, which can help your dog is gaining weight quickly and easily.

The best in our top list depends on your choice because, in the end, both you and your dog are the ones that have to go with that product. But still, if you want our support, then Bully Max Muscle Builder Supplement is the best choice from us. This product comes with all types of proteins, vitamins, and even minerals that can help provide your dog with important nutrition to increase the weight, make him energized, and even make the dog healthier. These supplements are present in tablet form, so there is no problem in feeding the dog. At the least, this is a very budget-friendly supplement and is best for all breed dogs, especially above seven weeks of age. Also, read this guide.

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