Best Joint Supplements For Dogs and Puppies- Our Top Choices

Has your dog suddenly lost interest to go out on a walk? Does your dog sit around the house all day? You will be surprised to know this but joint issues are common among dogs with older age. As a matter of fact, joint pain can affect your dog at any age

Causes of this can range from simple old age to fractures arthritis or even cancer. By using supplements, you can make your dog happier by taking his pain away. To help you in choosing the best supplements we have researched thousands of products while reading thousands of reviews.

And in our research, we have found the seven best supplements for your dog. These supplements will not only cure your dog but make your dog a happy pup. You will be able to see the recovery of your dog right before your eyes.

You have come to the right article. Your dog won’t ever have to suffer from joint pain ever again in his entire dog life.

1. Doggie Dailies Advanced Joint Supplement

If you are looking for the best joint supplement for dogs, then look no further. Joint pain happens because of inflammation, to counteract this inflammation Doggie dailies advanced joint supplement is a perfect choice. You can put your mind at ease while giving your pup these supplements.

These supplements are jam-packed with active ingredients that you won’t find anywhere in the market. These supplements also have a mix of all the essential vitamins and minerals a dog can need.

Key Features
The packaging includes 225 chewable tablets
Contains Glucosamine, MSM, Omega 3 and 6
Comes in chicken flavor which is loved by dogs
This product is under guarantee


Pros Cons
Comes in form of chewable tablets Not available in any other flavor than chicken
Has active ingredients that help with the skin. Only available in one pond jar
Best for reducing inflammation and pain
Recommended for all types of breeds
Made In USA under FDA’s supervision


  1. Infinite All-Natural Joint Supplement

This product features natural ingredients which are human-grade Making it one of the best joint supplement for dogs, these ingredients include Glucosamine and turmeric. The use of turmeric in curing diseases dates back thousands of years. Nowadays, it is used in many supplements for both humans and pets.

Turmeric is used in relieving joint pain, their formula will revitalize the joint of your dog which is badly affected. This company also claims a money-back guaranty, with all of its products made in the USA under certified facilities.

A single packet contains 90 chewable tablets
Comes in beef flavor which is loved by dogs
The company gives you, lifetime money back guaranty
This supplement can be given to any breed of dog


Pros Cons
Contains active ingredients, that helps directly in relieving joint pain Only comes in one flavor
Made from using only natural materials, there are no added preventives The number of tablets you have to give might be more than you think as this supplement required to be used in large quantities
Can be used in treating arthritis
Made In USA


  1. Zesty Paws Hip and Joint Supplements

If your dog is experiencing joint pain, then Zesty paw has the perfect supplement for your dog as Zesty Paw is the best if not amongst the best joint supplement for dogs.

This supplement is good for the overall health of the dog but this supplement contains ingredients that are specifically good for cartilage and supportive tissues.

The ingredients list is very cast but some of the most important ingredients include Glucosamine. MSM. Chondroitin Sulfates and heaps of other useful ingredients.

Your pups are going to love you for caring that much about their health. Zesty paws have outdone themselves once again. Their product is loved by a large number of audience members online.

Zesty paws can boast great reviews from its customers. These customers especially highlight the fact that their dogs take these supplements as treats. So there is no difficulty in administering these treats to your dogs.

Comes in form of 70 chewable tablets
Using this supplement reduces inflammation and increases flexibility
Contains ingredients include Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, and other useful vitamins and minerals
Contains Hemp Oil And Hemp Extracts


Pros Cons
Available in 3 flavors Available in one size
Have no artificial flavors added to it? A bit expensive than other brands
Reversers suggest dogs eat it without any persuasion
The effect of these supplements can be visible in few days


  1. Cosequin Joint Supplement With MSM

These supplements are recommended by many veterinarian experts as these supplements are considered the best joint supplement for dogs. If you are looking for something that is recommended by professionals, then this is your go to supplement.

In this supplement, you can expect active ingredients such as glucosamine, MSM, Sodium Chondroitin, and many others in chewable tablet form. This supplement is highly rated by reviewers online.

The effect of these supplements can be seen in your dog instantly.  If your dog is having issues in mobility, stiffness then these supplements will make your dog get on his feet.

Key Features
This supplement comes in chicken flavor
Recommend by veterinary experts for joint and stiffness related issues
Ingredients include hydrochloride, MSM, and Manganese


Pros Cons
Cosequin has been making supplements for over 20 years. It is a very respectable brand among supplement making brands This supplement contains both artificial and natural products
Available in three different sizes which contain 60, 132, and 250 tablets
Can be given to dogs of all size and breeds
Made in the USA


  1. Nutramax Dasuquin Joint Health Supplements

These supplements are specifically made for joint related issues faced by dogs. Also, these supplements are formulated by veterinary experts to support your dog’s cartilage.

It releases pain and increases mobility in your dogs. You can easily give these supplements to your dogs because they come in a form of soft chewable tablets. The ingredients used in this supplement are of top quality.

With the use of sodium Chondroitin, MSM makes sure your pup gets the best care in the world. Many dog owners regard this product as the best joint supplement for dogs.

Includes 84 Tablets per packaging
Suitable for the breed of all kinds
Ingredients include Sodium Chondroitin, Avocado Powder
The company gives a money-back guarantee


Pros Cons
Comes in form of tablets Tablets are flavorless that can be a bit tricky to feed moody and choosy dogs
Formula prepared by veterinary experts Price is a bit on the higher side
Impacts directly on joints Available in one size packing
Reduce inflammation
Increase your dog’s mobility


  1. NutraFitz Hip, Bone, and Joint Supplement

This supplement is perfect for those dogs who are suffering from arthritis, hip problems, and dysplasia. The main selling feature of this supplement is that it is made from an all-natural material.

Not a single artificial product is used in the making of these supplements. NutraFitz contains human-grade materials, it is great for joint-related issues as these supplements directly affect the targeted area.

It’s all these qualities which makes this supplement one of the best joint supplement for dogs

Made with natural ingredients which include glucosamine, Organic Turmeric, And MSM
Contains Yucca and Green Lipped Mussel
Comes in chicken flavor which is haply eaten by dogs
Made in the USA
Contain 120 tablets
Can be given to all breeds


Pros Cons
Bone Broth Is an active ingredient Comes in only one sized bottle
Best for arthritis and ACL pain May need to give large dosage
Helps reduce inflammation Only comes in tablet form which many dogs resist taking
Improves mobility
Made In USA
Provides support to tissues


  1. VetriScience Laboratories Glycoflex Plus

If you are looking for a supplement that specially target joint pain. Then VetriScience has a perfect product for you, considered as the best joint supplement for dogs by professionals.

This supplement is made to reduce pain and inflammation. It gives strength to your dog’s legs. This is probably the strongest supplement on our list. With the huge amount of Glucosamine and MSM.

This product will make you the owner of a very happy pup. But because this supplement contains such doses of Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate we recommend that you speak with your vet before you start giving this supplement to your dog.

120 Chewable Treats which is available in bacon and peanut butter flavor
Strongest joint supplement that we know
Include ingredients such as MSM, Chondroitin Sulfate
It also contains Manganese, grape seed extract vitamin E and C
Cannot be given to any other pet


Pros Cons
Directly targets joint system Dosage size is very high
Increase hind leg strength
Recommend by vets all around the world
Includes Perna Canaliculus


Buyers Guide

The health of the joints is very important among dogs. Just like us humans when dogs get old they start to experience pain in their joints which typically occurs because of inflammation.

Supplements play an important role in bringing your dog’s health back to normal, in this article we will mention some of the common things that you should watch out for when making sure your dogs does have joint pain.

But just evaluation is not enough you have to choose the best joint supplement for a dog. We recommend that you use this guide for informational purposes only. Whenever you decide you need to give your dog supplements, it is recommended that you consult with your vet.

It should be the decision of your vet, whether or not you should give your dog supplements or not

Commons symptoms of joint pain in dogs

Your dog cannot communicate with you with words but your dog has some special way to comminute with you. there are certain signs that you need to look out for, to judge your dog’s health.

  • Joints feeling stiff
  • The movement of your pup is unusual
  • Having trouble standing up
  • Relying heavily on one leg
  • Always in a bad temper
  • You can see swelling in the joints
  • Stays away from you when you pet your dog
  • Straight up refuses to use stairs or avoiding to jump

Some dogs do show signs of not being well, when they have low energy levels they straight up refuse to move from one place to another. if you spot any of the above-mentioned issues with your dog, take him to your bet immediately.

If you suspect a joint issue, then it is wise before jumping to any conclusion to take the recommendation of a professional vet.

What Cause Joint Pain in Dogs.

Many things can cause pain related to the joints of your dog, some of them are as follows.

Age-related issues or ligament issues.

Old age can cause wear and tear on the ligaments of your dog which leads to joint pain, and sometimes arthritis. Cruciate Ligament issue is one of the major problems that an aging dog can experience.

But there is a silver lining, by using supplements your dog can get rid of these glaring issues.

Disease, Obesity, Cancer

These issues are the major contributing factors towards joint pain.

Metabolic disorders

By excess bleeding in the joints region, can become a contributing factor in joint pain.

Hip or Elbow Dysplasia

This is very common in the breeds such as golden retrievers, the gene of this disease is in the DNA of these dogs. It is inherited from them by their ancestors. These genes cause the joints to grow unnaturally.

This becomes the reason for joint-related issues in dogs.

Joint Supplements and Their Benefits.

When dogs get old they reach a point in their life where they have restricted movability. They suffer pain every time they walk around. For these dogs join supplements are lifesavers.

These supplements can provide your dog the right amount of energy to fight joint pain.

Increase in Energy

Pet owners usually feel heartbroken after they witness their once fresh full of energy pet restrict to limited mobility and old age. You can ask any dog owner and they will tell you they saw excitement and energy fade away from the eyes of their beloved pet.

It is because of the pain that a dog suffers. The pet owners will admit that they are willing to go to any lengths to give their pup its old energy and life back. supplements are made by keeping these in mind.

The supplements mentioned in the article are the best joint supplement for dogs you can find right now. Supplements are proven to improve the quality of life of your dog.

Healthy Skin And Coat Of Your Pet

In the supplements mentioned above, you can find active ingredients in them as these ingredients are great for relieving joint pain. Sine supplements mentioned in the list also contains vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins and minerals have heaps of benefits which include healthy skin and coat. Your pet’s dry itchy skin will become smooth and there will be visible shine on the coat of your dog by using supplements.

Improved Immune System

The immune system of your dog is the reason why your dog is protected from illness, to fight diseases and to prevent health issues immune system needs to be very strong.

Supplements have rich vitamins and minerals which are needed to maintain a healthy immune system in dogs, regardless of the age supplements give your dog’s Immune system an extra boost.

Ingredients that should be present in your dog’s supplement.

The ingredients which lubricate joints are needed to be sought after, these ingredients can help your dog in its limited mobility. Providing your dog with painless movements.

  • Glucosamine
  • Chondroitin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Yucca Schidigera
  • MSM

Ingredients that should be avoided

Like some ingredients that are a must in a supplement, there are ingredients that you should avoid at all costs. These ingredients are added to the supplements as fillers. These fillers are far from providing nutrition.

Rather they make your dog heath worse, you must avoid giving your dog supplements which include the following

  • Grains
  • Soy
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial Color


Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if your dog has joint pain?

It all depends upon your observation. If you feel like your dog is lacking in energy, and making unusual noises. If your pets are lacking movement they once had. Your dogs must have been experiencing joint pain.

If you suspect any of the above-mentioned behavior, then you should take your dog immediately to the vet. Your vet can provide you with the right answers. If a vet confirms the diagnosis you can start using supplements on his recommendation.

You need to pay careful attention to your dog, as dogs are very good at hiding their pain. As your dogs become old they start to rely heavily on you.

Will Joint Supplement have any effect on my dog

The simple answer is yes. Nearly all types of supplements available in the market provide essential nutrients to your dog which is needed to relieve joint pain. There are certain vitamins in these supplements.

These vitamins are used to boost your dog’s energy level and also they can lubricate the joints of your dog. If you start giving your dog supplements but are not seeing results, then you may need to speak with your vet.

There is a chance that your dog has an underlying disease that Is mimicking the symptoms of joint pain.

Should I consult a vet to see if my dog needs supplements or not?

Yes, you defiantly consult a vet if you are in doubt, if you feel your dog may have joint pain you should take an experts opinion on this. vets generally recommend supplements when they see no visible improvement as time progresses.

Are Joint Supplements Safe

Yes, they are absolutely safe, because these supplements are made from all-natural active ingredients.

These supplements are safe for almost every dog. If your dog is already battling with a health issue or if your dog is taking medication for another issue, then it is best advised that you speak to your vet before mixing any medicine with a supplement.

Does Dogs have an allergic reaction to supplements?

It’s rare, very rare but having said that it does happen some dogs do have an allergic reaction with certain ingredients present in the supplement. If your dog exhibits a reaction when using supplements, visit your local hospital immediately.

Who Is the Regulator behind dog supplements?

The FAD is the main regulating body that oversees supplements. We included only those supplements which are FDA approved and packed with organic and natural ingredients.

Are these ingredients already present in dog food?

Yes, some dog foods do in fact, contain these ingredients but they are included in such minute quantity which is not enough for older dogs. As dogs get older they require extra care as they become delicate.

Their immune system becomes weaker as a result they suffer from joint pain, you need a larger quantity of those ingredients which are present in dog food.

What age is the best to give my dog joint supplements?

Generally speaking, a younger dog does not need joint supplements but then again every dog is different. There are many breeds of dogs that require specific care. We recommend you consult your vet in this regard.

Some dogs will indeed benefit from joint supplements in their early life. If you start to administer joint supplements to your dog at the right age it will help your dog’s immune system to get stronger, and It will ultimately relieve joint pain in the future.

Do I need different supplants for my two different dogs?

Probably yes! As there is more than one pet. as mentioned above every dog breed is different. You need to consider each dog’s needs separately. Some dogs require you to give them supplements at in early age as compared to others

Choosing The Right Supplement

You may get confused after seeing all the products listed in our article you might be thinking to yourself which supplement should you go for. You can put your mind at ease as we have to choose some of the best supplements in the market.

You can choose any one of these and these supplements will surely deliver. But still, if you feel a bit confused then here are some tips for you to find your perfect supplement for your dog.

Reading The Label: you can pretty much find all the information required on the label of the product. you can look for a specific ingredient like hemp oil, this oil help your dog overcome joint pain.

In this article, we have listed some of the best natural ingredients that you will have no problem finding. Better yet take advantage of our research and use one of the supplements listed above.

Read Reviews: in this list, you can find only those products which are reviewed and rated very highly. However, it is recommended that you do your own research. Put your mind at ease. You can find great reviews from the pet owner and their experiences. It will further help you find the best joint supplement for dogs.

Make sure your dog has joint issues: the problem with some pet owners is that they are very bad at reading their dog’s expressions they make self-diagnose of their dog’s issues without taking an expert opinion. Always consult your vet before jumping to any conclusion.

Purchase from brands that you can trust:  the supplements we mentioned are all from trustworthy brands, these brands are the best in this industry. We only included those brands which have won awards for their effectiveness in creating dog supplements.

Know the Product: Some ingredients we mentioned in our list might be new to you. we recommend you take some time and do extensive research on these ingredients.

Only this way you will know about the usefulness of these ingredients.


Only you are the one who knows your dog. Only you can help your dog overcome the challenges he faces. You should always keep a keen eye on the diet of your dog.

Consult a vet before administrating any supplement in the diet of your dog. A vet can make sure your dog has no underlying disease.

Miss diagnosing can be absolutely horrific. You must not make any guesses by yourself and take your dog to the hospital. Having said that if you start to administer supplements in the diet of your dog at the right time.

You will see your dog live a long healthy life. Remember you can choose any product mentioned in our article. These products are chosen after proper research and consulting vets.

Your dog will thank you if you start using supplements in his diet at the right age, every dog is different, and not every dog can be given joint supplements in early life.

Some dogs can have allergic reactions to the ingredients in the supplements. you need to make sure that if this ever happens take your dog to the nearby hospital immediately.



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