How much vitamin C should I give to my dog?

Do you know how much vitamin c you need for the dogs? To know a detailed answer, just read this guide.

Importance of Vitamin C for dogs

Dorothy Macdonald, a famous field trial judge has once claimed that every dog owner should really be responsible enough for the dog’s good care. Being a responsible and vigilant dog owner it is necessary to be careful towards dog furries, and their diet. To provide them with a good diet, one must have proper knowledge about the nutrients that are essential for a dog’s proper development and healthy growth. The provision of Vitamin C is one of the primary things that must be taken seriously. The following article is written with the vision of summing up the answers to the questions that most dog owners ask related to the importance of Vitamin C.

There is an innate ability to produce Vitamin C in dogs. But the factors like hyperactivity and stress can lead to the deficiency of Vitamin C in them. Stress can be physical like infection or any disease, or it can be emotional as well caused by the change in weather. This poor production of Vitamin C in your pet will be visible enough. This deficiency can be countered by giving an increased amount of Vitamin C intake. It will strengthen the immune system of your pooch against the various diseases with more efficacy. 

Best Vitamin C supplement for dogs

The quantity of Vitamin C intake depends on your dog’s health condition, size, gastrointestinal tolerance, and weight. If your dog’s stomach is ultra-sensitive then you should not give more than 100 mg of Vitamin C per day. The quantity recommended by vets is 100-500mg per day. The following table can help you determine the amount of vitamin c for your dog:


Dog Size Quantity (On a daily basis)
Small dogs 250 mg
Medium-sized Dogs 500 mg
Large dogs 750mg
Senior dogs 500-100mg


However, the dosage will be different in case your pet is suffering from arthritis. The vitamin c intake will be more effective if given in salt forms. This is the reason why such supplements contain sodium ascorbate and calcium ascorbate, both are equally essential for your pet’s body. Here are some points describing the importance of vitamin c for dogs.

  • Vitamin C  plays the role of an antioxidant that eventually regenerates vitamin E.
  • It boosts the immune system
  • Helps dogs in battling against various diseases
  • It performs the function of an excellent immune booster for lactating, senior pregnant dogs
  • It is helpful in treating issues like arthritis and joint problems

After knowing the importance of vitamin C, it’s important to mention Ester C in this article. 

Ester C is an

  • Easy- to- digest ascorbic acid
  • It reduces the ph levels in the body
  • Helps in treating hip dysplasia in dogs

The right amount of Ester C should be given to your dog. Overdose may cause diarrhea.

Make sure a healthy and comfortable life for your dog by consulting about the supplement to your vet. Also, don’t forget to read about the best vitamin E supplements for your dogs


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