Vitamin E dosage for dogs

Do you know Vitamin E is the defense of the dog against oxidative damage? Just like humans dogs also need vitamins and such vitamins especially vitamin e benefit dogs in many ways. So, because of its great importance, it should be included in the dog’s diet.

There are many dry fruits that contain vitamin E but are usually present in form of tocopherols that usually have low life.  The eating habit of a dog can lead to reducing in the vitamin e in its body. So, he might require some supplements to fulfill its vitamin E demand and to save him from the deficiency of vitamin E.

Importance of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant so it protects the cells from free radical damage. Vitamin E can also support a dog’s immunity by making red blood cells. Vitamin E also helps to prevent blood clotting.

Your dog may have different problems because of vitamin E deficiency. Both male and female dogs may suffer from reproductive problems, digestive tract lining degeneration, retina problem, degeneration of skeleton, cardiac and smooth muscle problems.

Other problems include accumulation of fluid under the skin, depression, loss of appetite, coma, thirst, and even death in extreme cases. So, providing your dog with a vitamin-rich diet can save him from these problems.

Benefits of Vitamin E

By providing the right dose of vitamin E to your dog may be having the following benefits

Increase Connective Tissue Health

Vitamin E can increase the dog’s skin health as well as the coat health. Vitamin E might support connective tissue health by reducing skin loss and maintain muscle elasticity. Vitamin E also contains anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce itching. It can also help dogs to avoid allergies.

Increase Body Immunity

The unstable free radicles in the body can attack the healthy cells and can threaten the dog’s immunity system. Vitamin E is there to increase the dog’s immunity. Vitamin E lowers the formation of free radicals and prevents several health problems.  In a nutshell, vitamin e supplement helps to increase the dog’s immunity to keep him healthy for a long time.

Improve Heart Health

Vitamin E can also play its important role in increasing a dog’s cardiovascular health.  Heart health is increased because vitamin e provides oxygenated blood and this helps to improve blood circulation in the heart and arteries.

Because of its heart-related benefits, it saves the dog from circulatory diseases such as arteriosclerosis and tachycardia.

May Treat Dry and Itchy Skin

Lack of vitamin E can cause diseases like canine atopic dermatitis (CAD). Due to such disease dog feels dry, flaky, and itchy skin. This is the most common symptom of lack of vitamin e deficiency. Such deficiency is triggered by an irritant. Vitamin E supplements can help to reduce CAD problems and symptoms.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of vitamin e include an increase in fertility, delay in aging, regulating the digestive system, preventing cataracts, supporting cell and respiratory health.

The dose of Vitamin E for Dogs

Vitamin E for dogs is present in form of a soft gel-type capsule. These capsules contain oil that includes vitamins and these capsules are to be taken externally. It is also safe to have vitamin e for dogs orally. You need to be sure that these capsules are only made for dogs because other capsules that are not for dogs would contain dog toxic.

The idea does of vitamin e for dogs depends upon factors like the amount of food, size, stage of life, and physical activity of your dog. So, working breeding and the active dog may require a high dose so, it is better to consult your doctor for knowing the perfect dose for your dog.

You can either give 4,000 to 6,000 international units of dose to your dog. It is also said that having 4000 UI per day for the small dog does not show side effects similarly you can give 6,000 UI to your big dogs [1].

Topical Vitamin E is also safe but you need to have veterinary guidance before giving providing your dog with any medicine.

Potential Risks

Vitamin E is no doubt beneficial for dogs but having it in large amounts can cause many complications. Having Vitamin E in large quantities can increase the body’s tendency to gain more fat-soluble vitamins. Also, blood coagulation is reduced and it can trigger the bleeding problem.

A bleeding problem can occur when the body is disturbed and is not absorbing vitamin D and K properly. Besides these risks, vitamins and supplements can lead to other undesired results if taken in addition to other medicine or taken in large quantities.

It is better to consult the dog’s doctor about the proper dose of vitamin E. You need to know the dose before providing your dog the supplement.

Vitamin E Supplements Reviews

Here are the top 3 vitamin E supplements available from amazon

Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs

If you are worried about your dog rough and dry coat you might also be worried about his creaky joints then you can help him by giving him what his body really wants. This supplement contains Omega 3 fish oil.

This supplement contains 1000Ul sunflower vitamin E for every 5ml of dose. Such supplements can protect against vitamin E deficiency. Such fish oil is also required by the dog body for regulating the proper functioning of the body.

This oil is free from heavy metals and toxins so you can give your dog this oil without worrying about his health. Because it is free from toxins it can cost you more as compared to other oils. This supplement is well tested by the company itself as well as from 3rd party company to realize unbiased results.

Omega 3 is colorless but is rich in vitamin E. You will have 100x more vitamin E with omega 3. Omega 3 helps to replace any vitamin E loss that your pet loses through diet. This vitamin E is from a non- GMO as well as a soy-free source.

This is also made more concentrated than cod liver and krill oil, this is also there to add more calories to your pet’s diet. You can have this supplement in a tightly sealed bottle and it can be pump to get the serving. In 1 pump you can have 2ml for every 20 lbs weight of your dog. You can add such oil to your dog’s everyday food.

Pros Cons
Can improve your Dog Skin, coat, joint, and heart health Overfeeding can cause diarrhea
Removed Smell Not to be used with a bleeding disorder
Contains 1000IU per 5ml of serving Expensive than other
Tested by 3rd party Some Dogs can dislike the taste
Can be stored in the fridge for 4 months  
Helps control dandruff  
Contains Vitamin E  

NaturVet All-in-One Support for Dogs

This is a multi-supplement for the dog. You can provide all essential nutrients to your dog by having such a supplement. This pill is soft in chewing form. 4 supplements are packed into a single table. It can support the dog’s health in 4 ways. 4 ways include improving digestion, increasing joint mobility, making skin and coat better, and improving overall health.

A bottle contains 60 pills and all are made in the USA. These are delicious soft chewing pills and it contains no wheat and other bad ingredients. It is for dogs that are aged more than 12 weeks. You can have the results when you give the pill to your dog every day.

You can also divide the pill to take in the morning meal or in the afternoon meal. This pill also contains digestive enzymes that can also increase the dog’s digestion. Omega 3,6, and 9 are needed by the dog to have a healthy and shiny coat and skin.

This supplement also includes glucosamine and chondroitin for having good joint support. This supplement also contains vitamins and minerals that can support overall health.

Pros Cons
4 in 1 multi-functional  Supplement For Dogs Having age Above 12 weeks
Improves overall health Some Dogs Rejects the taste
Does not contain wheat Contains fillers and unnatural ingredients
Soft and Chewy tablets Not for dogs with a sensitive digestive system
Made in USA Expensive than other competitors
10% satisfaction Guarantee  

Amazing Nutritionals Omega-3 Fish Oil Chew-able Tablet for Dogs

This tablet for a dog is chewable and it is the best because almost every dog likes to eat it. This chewable tablet treats the dog’s skin as well as coat. It protects the heart, joints, and immune systems of the dogs. It can also help to maintain the dog’s overall health.

The dog’s skin and coat can shine with such a pill, this supplement also increases joints mobility. You can have omega 3,6,9 with this pill. This chewable tablet has bacon and liver flavoring. Such flavors are loved by the dogs. This supplement is also safer to take every day.

It does not contain any fish, crab, shark, avocado, or shrimp that may hurt the pet. These supplements are tested to avoid having any complications. It is also tested by 3rd party company and such pills are made in the USA.

However, you should avoid keeping it in the refrigerator once it is opened. Each bottle contains 60 tablets. Just mentioned before, each tablet contains 3 tablets so you can provide your dog with a total of 120 servings.

Pros Cons
Promotes Dog overall heath Cannot Store
Made in the USA Some Dogs can dislike the taste
Tested by 3rd Party Can cause diarrhea and vomiting in some cases
You can see results in 30 days Not have additional Vitamin E
Bacon and liver-flavored  
Contain Omega 3,6,9  
No fish smell  
Good Reasonable price  
Good Customer Service  


Dogs can lack vitamins just as humans do so if you want a healthy dog then you need to provide it with essential nutrients as well as vitamins. Vitamin E is essential and has many benefits. You can include a vitamin E supplement to your dog’s diet.

You can also make the coat and skin of the dog shiny by giving the dog a vitamin E supplement. Most supplements contain natural oil and they also do not have any side effects. However, having it in more than normal quantity can have side-effects.

You need to ask the doctor before giving the dog supplements. You can also ask the dosage because it depends on the size as well as the weight of the dog. Normally you can provide 4,000 UI of vitamin E to your small dog and 6,000 UI to your big dog.

You can realize the health of your dog by its skin as well as its coat. So, keep your dog healthy by providing him the best diet and best vitamins. Such nutrients will increase the overall health of the dog so provide it with the best supplement.

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